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Testimonials and Reviews

 At Still Waters Dental Group, we believe that through patient education and long term relationships with patients and their families, we can achieve optimal oral health.

Here is just a few of what our patients have said about us through the years:

I’ve had a lot of dental work done in the last year, and I just can’t say enough about Dr. Corey and Still Waters Dental. The time and knowledge he shared was great, and I really appreciated that he cared about fixing things properly instead of taking shortcuts like my previous dentist.

– Karen Abbot, Georgetown

When I left the dentist I had been with for over 20 years, it took Dr. Corey about 10 minutes to impress upon me that I had made the right decision to change dentists. He has a very progressive practice, with all the latest technology and tools that allow him to not only diagnose, but educate. He’s the best dentist I’ve ever seen.

– Don Williams, Georgetown

I had a tooth growing in at a weird angle. My last dentist did oral surgery, and gave me braces, but the pain wouldn’t go away. They just wouldn’t listen, and kept telling me it was just the braces. We went to Dr. Corey for a second opinion. He saw right away that I had a bad tooth, and told me I needed a root canal and crown. My parents were skeptical because the other dentist should have seen it. He used the camera to show me and my parents what was going on and why I needed it. It was so cool!

– Ashley Barry, age 15, Georgetown

I just can’t believe how much better I feel, I feel so well taken care of, that I am with people who really care. I know I am not leaving the chair until he gets it right.

– Jessica Hill, Georgetown

I love how Dr. Grossman spends time making my kids feel at ease. He gets them so comfortable and distracted they don’t even notice getting needles!

– Gary Murphy, Georgetown

My daughter took several visits to warm up to him and feel comfortable with the whole dental experience. Corey never rushed or pushed, he spent the time to get to know her and make her laugh and earn her trust.

– Patrice Cocciardi, Georgetown

Still Waters is a very relaxed and comfortable office! The smell made the best first impression: it smells like a spa in there, not like a doctor’s office. There’s a fireplace, beautiful stonework, a lovely bathroom. It’s nicer than my house!

I’ve had tons of work done with Corey. My old dentist was difficult to work with, impossible to schedule. Corey tackled my whole dental wish list. He is close to home and easy to schedule, so it’s been easy to get caught up on dental work that should have been done long ago.

– Darrell Parsons, Georgetown