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Historic in nature, and surrounded by incredible scenery, Georgetown sits 45 km from Toronto, and with good transport links is ideal for commutes to many of the larger communities in Ontario. If you are looking for somewhere to live in the region, your dentist in Georgetown  has put together some important factual and historical points to make note of if you are considering visiting or living here.

The rich history of Georgetown


The essence of Georgetown, and what it offers as a place to live, is tied to the rich history of the region. Originally the area around Georgetown was home to the Mississauga Nation, but in 1818 they sold the land to the British. They called this area Esquesing Township, and set about surveying the land for prime spots to settle.

One of the men carrying out the survey was Charles Kennedy, a loyalist who fought in the 1812 war, who chose some suitable land, and along with his five brothers, including George, settled in 1819. George went on to establish a farm and wool mill alongside Silver Creek. Along with other settlers, they dammed the creek to create what they called Hungry Hollow. Since 1837, it has been known as Georgetown.

Driven by industry, the wool mill became a paper mill, and then tanneries and lumberyards appeared until at the start of the 20th century, Georgetown was a rapidly growing community. Always at the cutting edge of technology, it had an electrical grid and effective waterworks early on, with a direct rail link to Toronto from 1917.

Post WW2 the town saw another period of rapid growth, including housing developments and a hospital to serve the new population, and in 1974 amalgamated with other nearby townships to form the Town of Halton Hills. The same year, Georgetown was connected to the GO train system, and those commuter links continue to power the town’s growth today.

Georgetown today


With over 45,000 people living in the town, not only has it grown significantly in the last 50 or so years, but it must be doing something right to attract so many new residents.

At the heart of Georgetown is the downtown area, where you find the old buildings that have been there for much of the town’s life. It gives the centre of town a real old-town feel and makes it a great place to spend time.

Housing in Georgetown

Housing sits outside that centre, but always within easy reach, following the route of Highway 7 to make it perfectly placed for commuting. With options for single-detached homes, semi-detached, duplexes and more, housing is as varied as the people living in Georgetown, but for the majority of single family homes, expect larger sizes than in many other areas. That space makes them great for family life, and coupled with the quiet nature of the majority of neighbourhoods outside the centre, and you have a wonderful place to raise a family.



Within Georgetown itself you can find parks and green spaces that are great for picnics and more, while the region is criss-crossed with nature trails too, so if you like walking, hiking, biking or just heading out into nature, there is always something to do right on the doorstep. Georgetown is surrounded by conservation areas, so if you love the outdoor lifestyle, it really is somewhere to think about.

For less energetic activities, a large library, cultural centre and community centre hole regular events, while the Georgetown Marketplace is well positioned for your shopping needs. Outside the town, there are strip malls and the Toronto Premium Outlets shopping centre, all within easy reach.

The schools are highly rated, and as mentioned before, transport links across the region are excellent, making it easy to commute to the larger conurbations.

Is it right for you?


With its magical mix of old-style city centre and modern neighbourhoods with large, family friendly housing, all located in one of the most beautiful areas of the country, Georgetown is a wonderful place to live. The fantastic transport connections, whether by road or rail, make it a practical town to live in too, easy to travel to work in the cities without sacrificing any of the tranquil life that Georgetown has to offer.

With a wide choice of housing, great amenities and a wonderful sense of community you simply cannot get from a big city, it is a great choice to make your home. Whether you are just starting out, looking to raise a family or seeking that idyllic retirement, Georgetown has something for everyone.