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Children’s Dentistry

The first step in our children’s dental program is to get the child comfortable coming into the office and having members of our team look in their mouth.

Often this takes a number of ‘chair rides’ (free) appointments where the child just comes in to see our hygienist, or Dr. Grossman and go for a ride in the dental chair. We take a quick look, then the child gets a toy and the appointment is over.

We slowly build upon that experience, based on the child’s level of comfort, to provide more service:

  • We educate our children, and their parents, on the benefits of good oral hygiene and how to properly care for their teeth and gums.
  • When comfortable in the chair a prophy is done to remove plaque around and above the gum line
  • A fluoride varnish is applied to the teeth to aid in the remineralization of area where decay may be starting.
  • Dental exams are done to check for cavities and tooth development.
  • Often we provide referrals to local specialists for individuals whom need orthodontic attention.